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MCS will perform all mold remediation projects using source removal methods as required in the IICRC S-520 Standard for professional mold remediation. MCS uses the latest equipment and procedures to ensure your project is completed in a safe and cost effective manner. Our experience will let you feel assured that the mold remediation being performed on your property is done with a priority put on health and safety of the building occupants.


Our basement waterproofing services will prevent water from infiltrating your home and causing mold growth in the future. From a sump pump installation to subslab floor drainage we do it all. We have extensive experience in re-pointing fieldstone foundations to sealing your poured concrete foundations with waterproof membranes. Our experience can help you to avoid a multi-thousand dollar sub-slab perimeter drainage system. By controling exterior runoff at the source. Be that through re-routing your gutter downspouts to correcting the grade of the soils around your basment. Our sole focus is stopping the water from entering your building in the most complete and cost effective manner. 


When your property takes on water we are your first call. we can pump out floods and dry out your area with drying fans and dehumidification equipment. To removing your affected unsalvageable building materials and rebuilding to existing condition we do it all always with our focus on cost effective solutions. Do not leave this to a carpet cleaning company call the water damage professionals.


Most mold problems in attics are caused by ventilation problems in the area. Lack of operating soffit to ridge venting can cause warm air to condense on the cold roof surface in the winter leading to mold growth. other attic venting problems can arise from bathroom fans venting into the attic space or inadequate insulation allowing warm air to enter the space. MCS can correct your ventilation issues in your attic to prevent condensation from occurring. 


MCS can provide insulation replacement after your water damage event or upgrade your existing insulation to prevent heat loss. Insulation and sealing out warm air from entering your attic space can prevent condensation which can lead to mold growth in your attic. We can provide you with common sense approach to all your insulation needs.


MCS can provide full HVAC system cleaning according to North American Duct Cleaners Association (NADCA) standard. MCS uses a compressed air whipping system under full HEPA filtered Negative Pressure so no dust is spread around your home during the process of cleaning your ducts. 

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Professional Mold Remediation Services



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